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Communications on Sept. 14, 2001

2009.08.24 11:10


* CBCK to Express Condolences Over the Tragic Calamity in U.S.

The Most Rev. Michael J. Pak, President of the CBCK, sent heartfelt condolences to the Most Rev. Joseph A. Fiorenza, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop over the Tuesday's tragic attacks in the U.S. and assured sincere prayers for the victims, the bereaved and all the U.S. citizens.
"Today will remain as the most sorrowful day in the memory of all the citizens of the world who love peace" the Most Rev. Michael said and assured sincere prayers of all Korean Catholics for the victims and their loved ones.
Meantime, His Eminence Stephen Cardinal Kim expressed his deepest concern about the tragic incident and deepest sorrow for the victims on the occasion of his 80th birthday celebration. "Such a tragedy should never happen again and this should not call another bigger misfortune for the humanity. Fot this, all together we have to make efforts."

* CBCK Campaign for Abolition of Death Penalty Speeds Up

Campaign for Abolition of Death Penalty led by the Committee for Justice and Peace of the CBCK takes further step to speeding up its goal.
The campaign leaders headed by Rev. Paul Lee Chang-young, Exec. Sec. of the Committee for Justice and Peace and the Sub-committee for Abolition of Death Penalty of the CBCK, made 3-day visit to the Japan Catholic Council for Justice and Peace and other related organizations in Japan, Sep. 7-10, and discussed common concerns regarding the death penalty system in Asian countries. They agreed to work in close solidarity to bring an end to death penalty system in Asian countries.
The representatives of the both countries agreed to hold the Asia Forum for Abolition of Death Penalty in Seoul and make it a momentum for the campaign.
Rev. Paul Lee Chang-young invited to the Forum the Most Rev. Paul Yoshinao Otsuka, President of the Japan Catholic Council for Justice and Peace, some Japanese law makers and civilian activists.
Participant countries to the Forum are Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan and Nepal.
Cultural events that will follow the Forum include drama, visit to prisons and condemned criminals, peace march and open music festival etc.
"Korean lawmakers have shown positive interest in the campaign. The majority of lawmakers, 151 out of 272, signed for as of Sep. 10. I believe that I can get more signatures if I make a little more efforts," said Rev. Paul Lee.
On Sep. 10, Rev. Paul Lee visited Rep. Lee Man-sup, Speaker of the National Assembly, to present the Bill for abolition of death penalty they have prepared.
"To condemn and kill human life from God by man-made law is against the divine justice. It is religious people's role to take lead to protect human life which is a precious gift from God by abolishing such man-made law" Lee Man-sup (Joseph from Ahyeon parish, Seoul) said to the campaign leaders.
In Korea, there are 49 condemned criminals. Last execution was taken place 1997, the end of the presidential term of former president Kim Young-sam. 23 condemned criminals were executed on Dec. 30, 1997. With President Kim Dae-jung who was himself condemned to death by Park Chung-hee regime there was no execution. The Catholics and those involved in the campaign advocate to replace the death penalty by life sentence.

* Seoul Archdiocese to Send 1500 tons of Corn to NK

Seoul Archdiocese's Korea Reconciliation Committee (Pres. Auxiliary Bishop Peter Kang Woo-il) announced its plan to send to North Korea 1500 tons of corn and 300 tons of wheat flours for noodle factory in Nampo by Oct. 10, 2001.
It is estimated that North Koreans will be in short of 564,000 tons of grain as result of bad year of crop caused by severe drought from March to mid-June and the deluge in July. Regardless political situation and the controversial opinions over aids for North Koreans the Catholics will continue exchanges and collaborations to help famine-stricken people in North Korea materially and spiritually.

* Catholic International Medical Team in Mongolia

A Catholic international medical team had 2-week medical activity in Mongolia from Aug. 20 to Sep. 3.
The medical team headed by Rev. Kim Chung-ho from the School of Medicine of Catholic University of Seoul composed of eight members (3 medical doctors, 1 nurse, 2 pharmacies and 1 volunteer) offered medical treatment to total of 2,592 people: 1,055 with internal diseases; 337 with external diseases; 530 of gynecology cases; 670 with children's diseases.
Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres of Daegu and Rev. Roberto Lee Jun-hwa from the diocese of Taejon are in Mongolia for mission work.
Archbishop Giovanni Battista Morandini, the Apostolic Nuncio to Korea is the Apostolic Nuncio to Mongolia.
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