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Communications on Oct. 25, 2001

2009.08.24 11:53


* Bioethics Committee of the CBCK Opened Internet Website

Bioethics-related Internet website(Korean) opened to convey the Catholic Church's teachings on this field on Oct. 18, 2001. Bioethics Committee of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea opened this website (http://www.cbck.or.kr/bioethics/) to make known the Church's teachings on problems both traditional and new such as abortion, artificial fertilization, brain death, organ transplantation, euthanasia, and genetic engineering, death penalty etc. On the basis of the documents from the Apostolic See, this site provides rich contents on each and every subject which has been controversial in society with regard to Bioethics.

* More Lay Theologians should be Formed

The Fifth Catholic Academic Awards was presented by the Catholic Times(weekly) and the Steering Committee of the Catholic Academic Award on Oct. 18. The awards was established in commemoration of the late Mr. Yang Han-mo, a Korean lay theologian. In addition that Rev. Paul Jeong Ui-chae received this year's award for translating St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologiae(Vol. I-VI), Mr. Park Mun-su, a leading researcher of Woori Theology Institute, became the first lay winner of the Catholic Research Awards, a prize introduced anew from this year to encourage to rise scholars in the Church. Among those present at the ceremony were the Most Rev. Victorinus Youn, Archbishop Emeritus of Kwangju, Rev. John Lee, President of the Catholic Times and of the Steering Committee, Mr. Yeo Gyu-tae, President of Lay Apostolate Council of Korea, a few prominent politicians, and others. A commemorative Mass was celebrated for Mr. Yang who died ten years ago.
Attributing the glory to St. Thomas Aquinas, Rev. Jeong expressed his wish that more lay theologians could be awarded in the future. Mr. Park, another winner, said, "I accept this prize as stimulation to work harder, and would like to ask the Church to promote lay theologians". Prof. Park Jong-dae, Chairman of the Awarding Committee, lauded Rev. Jeong that his work will enrich Korean culture, especially in the fields of theology and philosophy.

* Three Religions Held a Charity Bazaar for Children with Incurable Diseases

On Oct. 20, some Catholics, Buddhists, and Protestants jointly held a charity bazaar to help children afflicted by incurable diseases. This interreligious event was arranged by Catholic Suyu church, Presbyterian Songam church, and Buddhist Hwagye-sa after three-month preparation. With the help of some 300 volunteers, the bazaar was successfully completed and offered a good opportunity to witness the unity and fraternal cooperation between different religions for the suffering people.
Rev. Raymond Lee Jong-nam, Pastor of Suyu 1-dong parish, said "the event was a meaningful opportunity for us to help the afflicted and to realize interreligious unity as well". The proceeds from the bazaar, amounting to USD$30,000, will be used for the treatment of children with incurable diseases through the ward government.
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