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Communications on Nov. 16, 2001

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* Government Approves the Sale of 'Morning-After Pill'

The government has approved the sale of Norlevo, the controversial post-intercourse contraceptive that the Catholic Church in Korea opposed by defining it as early abortive pill.
The Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) announced on Nov. 7th that it categorized the so-called Morning-After Pill as a specialized medicine, which requires a doctors' prescription and authorizes the sale from Nov. 12th.
Since May, when Hyundae Pharmaceutical Co. applied to provide Norlevo to the local market, the Catholic Church in Korea has made clear its opposition and carried out campaign to prevent its introduction to Korean society.
The Committee for Family Pastoral Ministry and the Committee for Justice and Peace of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea said in a joint statement issued at the end of October which reads "Use of Norlevo violates values that are related to human reproduction and its dignity by leading people to abortion and it will encourage improper sexual behavior and promote uncontrolled sexual culture."
In this regard the Most Rev. Peter Kang, Auxiliary Bishop of the archdiocese of Seoul, appealed to the KFDA not to allow the sale of the controversial contraceptive pill by saying "the sale of Norlevo, so-called Morning-After Pill, will promote widespread anti-life culture prevailing among the youth and stimulate pre-marital sexual relation, and also it will destroy human dignity by tolerating the killing of unborn child."
The pill reportedly prevents pregnancy if it is taken within 72 hours of sexual intercourse.
"We decided to approve the sale of the French pill, as it is deemed to have no problems in safety or efficiency." a KFDA official said.
Some supported its introduction, citing its possible effect on reducing unwanted pregnancies under the situation that as many as two million fetuses are aborted in Korean per annum.
The Church should double her efforts to study and educate the faithful about the seriousness of the impact of morning-after pill such as uncontrolled and improper sexual behavior, ill effect to human body and encouraging improper sexual behavior of the youth etc." Rev. Paul Lee Chang-young, Executive Secretary of the Committee for Justice and Peace of the CBCK said.

* Korean Women Religious and Civic Groups Urge the U.S.A. to Stop War in Afghanistan

On Nov. 12, members of the Korean Catholic Association of Major Superiors of Women Religious held prayer meeting for peace of the world in various cathedrals across the country including the Myongdong cathedral of the Archdiocese of Seoul and urged President George Bush to stop U.S.A.-led war in Afghanistan. Meanwhile representatives of civic groups protested in front of the Defense Ministry demanding the Korean government to reject alleged American demands that Korea dispatch troops to aid to anti-terror war, increase its financial contribution toward U.S.A. forces maintenance in Korea. "These demands are contrary to public opinion, thus Korean government must make clear its opposition," the protesters said in a statement.
At the Myongdong cathedral, around 800 women religious from different institutes gathered together and prayed for the victims of the terrorist attacks of Sep. 11th in New York and Washington D.C. and all Afghan refugees suffering and dying under the U.S.A.-led war against the terrorism and the Taliban regime.
Following are the excerpts of Letter they sent to the U.S. President G. Bush and members of the U.S.A. Congress.

We the Korean women religious hear the cries of women, children and the powerless of the world. When we see people of so many countries amidst their sufferings, we realize there is not much we can do amidst such suffering but pray God's mercy, mercy and peace.
We are appalled by the terrible terrorism that killed so many people. We wish we could help these victims and their families to carry out their burden. Such terrorism must be denounced and eliminated from the world. However, America's war in Afghanistan seems similar to a terrorist war of revenge. People of good will of the world are deeply concerned of it. The carpet bombings are causing untold harm to victims and an increase of refugees.
We are concerned that political leaders in many countries, including Korea, would agree to the war in the name of justice. Violence generates violence by creating vicious circle. As we realize the important role of the United States in breaking out this chain of evil we ask its leaders to make a right choice. We the Korean women religious are committed to continue praying for the end of the terrorism as well as the U.S.-led war against terrorism.
We have a Korean proverb that says that mothers feel the pain of all their children. We too feel the pain of all the suffering people regardless of their nationality, race or religion. With this motherly heart and in the name of all people of good will in the world, we beg you to choose the wisdom that is the way of forgiveness, reconciliation and true peace but not revenge.

Looking at Jesus on the cross
as he was nailed to the Cross,
He asked his Father's forgiveness
for they knew not what they did. (Luke 23:34)
With this prayer we ask for God's mercy and forgiveness
as we write this letter.

Stop the war, President Bush!
War is not right.
Stop the war!

Put the knife away.
Whoever lives by the sword, will die by the sword. (Mt. 26:52)

The Lord still speaks.
Stop the war!

A sound is heard in Ramah, the wound of bitter weeping,
Rachel is crying for her children,
she refuses to be comforted
for they are dead. (Mt. 2:l8)
Like the children killed by the hand of Herod
Now the dead children of Afghanistan,
their mothers shout and weep.
Stop the war!

God says not to take revenge.
"You have heard that it was said,
an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.'
But now I tell you do not take revenge
on someone who wrongs you.
If anyone slaps you on the right cheek,
let him slap your left cheek too." (Mt. 5:38-39)

"Now I tell you to love your enemies
and pray for those who persecute you,
so that you may become sons of your father in heaven
for he makes the sun to shine on bad and good people alike,
and gives rain to those who do good
and to those who do evil." (Mt. 44-45)

President Bush, be a son of God
God speaks today too:
"Happy are those who are humble;
they will receive what God has promised" (Mt. 5:5)

loving freedom, justice and peace,
if you want to be President of the U. S. A.,
Stop the war!

A true leader serves people
and does not govern them harshly.

Please help and not destroy.
Support and not swallow everything up.

We believe in all things
and don't have to have everything.

All 8,000 Korean women religious pray for you with one heart and urge the
President Bush and Members of the U.S.A. Congress,

Stop the war!
We want peace.

November 12th, 200l
Sisters of the Korean Catholic Association of Major Superiors of Women Religious

* 2001 Asia Forum - Abolition of Death Penalty : A Joint Declaration

On Nov. 10th, representatives of seven Asian countries held 2001-Asia Forum for Abolition of Death Penalty at the Yeo-eui-do National Assembly Building in Seoul sponsored by the Conference of Abolition of Death Penalty and the Pan-religion Conference for Abolition of Death Penalty. The participant countries are Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. During the Forum the representatives urged Korean government to stop executings of criminals and to abolish the death penalty.

We have witnessed tragedy, terror and reprisals leading to the war, in this new millennium and at this moment we are once again thinking about human life. Reprisals will bring more cruel reprisals back, only forgiveness and reconciliation will put a stop to such a vicious cycle.
From this meaning, the death penalty is a systematic reprisal against human rights for life which can not be replaced. It is a misguided theory that the death penalty can restrain crime rates. It did not prove to be true and will not, but some nations are still following the misguided theory. Abolition of the death penalty is undeniably international movement. Despite this fact, in the Asian continent some still show persistence in isolation from the movement.
The death penalty is an action contrary to the cultural heritage of symbiosis between nature and human beings. Abolition of the death penalty is not only the concern of one nation, it is a mutual problem to solved internationally. Abolition of the death penalty is not a topic to debate, it is the goal to be achieved.
Asian countries must stop the death penalty system immediately, and strive to build a better continent for all and for human life's civilization.
We are all gathered here on the 9th of November 2001 from eight Asian countries together with the activists and civilians who wish for abolition of the death penalty, NGOs, and religion organizations who wish for abolition of the death penalty and we have made joint resolutions on the 1st Asia Forum of the abolition of Death Penalty in Seoul, Korea.

- All Asian Nations are urged to share informations related to condemned criminals and ensure adequate communication with them.

- All Asian Nations are urged to adopt the joint international abolition of the death penalty clause to the national law and stop executing any more death sentenced criminals.

- We are resolute to closely watch over Asian countries to adopt the above mentioned clauses with mutual cooperation in solidarity with international organizations including NGOs.

- We advise Asian countries to have an alternative to the death penalty, such as life sentence and to take interest in victims of crimes and their families.

- We agreed to hold the 2nd Asian Forum of the Abolition of the Death Penaltyand strive to give mutual cooperation to be successful.

November 10th, 2001

2001 Asia Forum-Abolition of Death Penalty
Representatives of the Participating Nations
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