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Message of the President of the CBCK
on the declaration of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
that he is resigning his ministry
as Bishop of Rome, Successor of Saint Peter

On February 11, 2013, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI declared that he is resigning his ministry as Bishop of Rome, Successor of Saint Peter the Apostle, as he recognizes his incapacity to properly fulfill his holy ministry because of his deteriorating health due to advanced age. Though we are taken aback at his unexpected decision, we can feel his love and care for the Church filling his heart to the full. Therefore, we accept his enlightened spiritual discernment and courageous decision with our highest regard.


As the successor of Saint Peter the Apostle as well as the Vicar of Jesus Christ, the Holy Father has devotedly served the Universal Church and the whole world for the last eight years, in spite of the repeated admonition of his close medical advisors. We are saddened by the fact that he is not as healthy enough as before to carry out his ministry, as we can sometimes recognize this even by his walk. Nevertheless, he has exerted himself for the Church of the suffering, as well as for peace in Africa and the Middle East. He has also engaged in interreligious dialogue in an active manner.


We cannot but express our deep gratitude for his prayer and encouragement for the Church in Korea and for the Republic of Korea on every possible occasion. Especially, he has shown a deep concern for the North Korean people in their extreme destitution and he has spared no effort to provide financial aid for them.


We firmly believe that the Holy Father as a true pastor of the Catholic Church will continue his service for the faithful after laying down the heavy office of the Supreme Pontiff. I hope that all the faithful in Korea will strengthen their spiritual bonds with him through constant prayer, remembering him as a loving pastor in our hearts for good.

In Seoul, Korea
On February 12, 2013


Peter Kang U-il
Bishop of Cheju
President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea

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