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Communications on Mar. 14

2009.08.24 14:01


* Diocese of Pusan Promotes Family Sanctification

Broad initiatives pertinent to family sanctification are being developed in the Diocese of Pusan including prayer movement, lectures and events, headed by the Most Rev. Augustine Cheong Myong-jo, Bishop of Pusan, who has set the pastoral object of this year as the "Year of Evangelization of Family."
The most distinguished activity for family evangelization is prayer movement. The Diocese established the last week of each month as the Week of Family and decided to distribute materials for holy hour of family so as to help family members to have family prayer time. Along with it, prayer formulae for 'daily prayer', 'weekly prayer', and 'monthly prayer' are distributed to each family and the prayer text for marriage renewal of couples is in preparation.
The Diocese also plans seven special lectures seven times in this year with themes of children education for sound mentality, family sanctification and settlement of family conflicts. The Most Rev. René Dupont, Bishop Emeritus of Andong, Rev. John Kang Gil-woong, Sr. Claudia Lee Hae-in, a poetess, and Prof. Je Seok-bong of Catholic University of Daegu are to be invited as speakers.
The Diocese plans to hold the "Holy Family Evening" with family hymns contest in May and the Bishop of Pusan will grant the Family Blessing Letter to the exemplary families from each parish.
At the parochial level, varied programs with the characteristics of each community are in progress or preparation. In Jeonpo Parish, for example, families are developing a campaign "Offering Ten Good Things of Our Family," through which families are offering their good deeds such as "My family read Bible everyday" or "We take good care of grandparents." etc. Similarly, Namcheon Cathedral of Pusan opened "Couples School for Happy Family" and the Catholic Lay Apostolate Council of Pusan plans to have a symposium with the theme of "Family Community."
The Most Rev. Cheong said, "Family is to be a community of love and service, and a realization of the mystical body of Church," and suggested concrete ways to the faithful for the fulfillment of this functions.

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