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Communication on Apr. 11

2009.08.24 14:02


* "Breaking a War in the Cause of Peace is Unjustifiable" - Cardinal Kim Says

H.E. Stephen Cardinal Kim Sou-hwan recently expressed his opinion on social issues including the U.S.A. - led war on Iraq.
"Breaking a war in the cause of peace is unjustifiable," and "it is deplorable to look on the U.S.A. - led war on Iraq despite the worldwide public opinion against war and the urgent appeal of the Holy Father. U.S.A. should have tried another solution to build real peace with more patience." he said in a press interview with the Pyeonghwa Shinmun on March 28.
Regarding North Korea' nuke crisis, Cardinal Kim said, "U.S.A. should seek a peaceful solution to avoid undesirable confrontation between U.S.A. and North Korea, and North Korea should take into consideration the wide public and international opinion against war in the Korean peninsula, and should not make a misjudgement."
Cardinal Kim also said, "Many people including myself are proud of the development of the Catholic Church in Korea, but at the same time there exists the danger of complacency. We should consider such temptation as a 'crisis' and try not to neglect the effort for renewal required in this age."
Taking the cases of Hong Kong and Taiwan where he has recently visited, he said, "Though the clergy in Taiwan and Japan are disappointed in the slow increase of the number of the faithful, they seek what is evangelical and truthful more eagerly than us," and asked the clergy for continuous effort for renewal, saying, "at present, they envy our quantitative growth, but someday they might be good example for us."

* Committees for Justice & Peace Resolve to Build Peace

The Committee for Justice & Peace of the Catholic Bishops' of Korea(CBCK) (President: Most Rev. John Choi Young-soo) held the 2nd national meeting of the diocesan committees at Chong Ha-sang Educational Centre in the Diocese of Taejon from March 24 to 25.
Some 30 participants, composed of working-level personnel from each diocesan Committee for Justice & Peace and related persons of affiliated organizations, resolved to b mediators for the settlement of peace in the Korean Peninsula and the reconciliation and cooperation of two Koreas.
They urged the U.S.A. to stop the war on Iraq, saying, "This war is against the humanitarianism and has no reason to be justified," and noted, "it is an irrational decision for the government to support such an indefensible war and dispatch noncombat troops to Iraq. It is also against the public opinion and not helpful to solve the North Korea's nuclear crisis in peaceful manner."
Meanwhile, Rev. Noel Shin Seong-guk, Executive Secretary of the Committee for Justice & Peace of the Diocese of Cheongju, left to Iraq on March 30 to join the peace activists. From there, he sent a letter to the Holy Father asking prayer and blessing for his peace pilgrimage to Iraq.

* Archdiocese of Seoul to Launch Prayer Movement for Peace

The Archdiocese of Seoul launched prayer movement for peace in Iraq and the Korean peninsula.
The Most Rev. Lucas Kim Woon-hoe, Episcopal Vicar for Social Apostolate of the Archdiocese of Seoul, notified all parishes the Prayer Movement for Peace and asked the faithful to actively participate in the Movement. And every Tuesday the Holy Mass for peace in Iraq and the Korean peninsula will be offered from April 8 to June 24.
The Prayer Movement for Peace is sponsored by the Department of Social Apostolate of the Archdiocese of Seoul and jointly carried out by the Committee for the Reconciliation of Korean People, Committee for Justice & Peace and the Lay Apostolate Council of the Archdiocese of Seoul.
The Most Rev. Lucas Kim Woon-hoe offered an inauguration Mass of the Prayer Movement for Peace in Iraq and Korean Peninsula at 7:00 pm, Tuesday, April 8 in Myeongdong Cathedral of Seoul. "All people and organizations regardless whether they are conservatives or progressives, believers or non-believers, are invited to join the Movement to pray and act together for peace." he said.
All money collected at Tuesday Mass during the campaign and donations will be sent to the Campaign Headquarters to Send Medical Supplies to Iraqi Children that is led by Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists and Hankyoreh News Paper to help Iraqi children.

* The Catholic Church's New Role for Migrant Workers Sought

With the government's plan to introduce the work permit system from July, 2004 as planned the direction of the Catholic Church organizations helping the migrant workers are to be readjusted.
Thus far, the Catholic Church generally has offered migrant workers legal advice, medical examination and treatment for free. But with the new system, migrant workers will obtain three labor rights as equal to Korean workers.
Rev. Andrew Hoh Yun-jin, director of the Committee for Labor Pastoral Ministry of the Archdiocese of Seoul said, "We should not leave migrant workers to remain miserable. They need our help. The Catholic Church should find new ways to help them stand on their own feet and adapt to Korean society by providing them concrete supports including pastoral care."
The Committee for Labor Pastoral Ministry recently has opened an office in Garibong-dong, Seoul, which will serve as the center of Korean-Chinese migrant workers.

* The Catholic Church's New Role for Migrant Workers Sought

The Most Rev. Peter Lee Ki-heon, President of the Committee for Family Pastoral Ministry of the CBCK, who takes charge of the 'Life 31 Movement' held a meeting on April 7 and discussed the future and the organization of the Movement.
The participants for the meeting decided to expand the Movement into a comprehensive pro-life movement as well as a social cultural movement, and agreed to carry it out in solidarity with the government, civil organization and other religions.
The Most Rev. Peter Lee Ki-heon said to the participants that "The Life 31 Movement is a social cultural movement focused on the evangelization of culture and the promotion of the culture of life which is the most urgent task in Korean society. The Movement was initiated as a Church Movement but its ultimate goal is to put an end to the widespread culture of death and to establish the culture of life in our society. Therefore we want to develop it into a comprehensive pro-life movement. The Movement will bear its fruit and display its full value when we implement it in our every day life."

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