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Communication on May 2

2009.08.24 14:04


* The CBCK Sent a Congratulatory Message to Buddhist Friends on the Feast of Buddha's Birthday

The Most Rev. Boniface Choi Ki-san, Bishop of Inchon and President of the Committee for Promoting Christian Unity & Interreligious Dialogue of the CBCK(Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea), sent a congratulatory message to Buddhist friends on the occasion of the 2547th Buddha's Birthday on May 8, and wished an abundant mercy upon all the Buddhist friends of Korea and invited them to work together for the cause of peace in the Korean peninsula and in the world.
He said that since the Second Vatican Council the Catholic Church has encouraged the Catholics to acknowledge, preserve and promote the spiritual and moral goods found among other religions, as well as the values in their society and culture. Also he wished to continue the journey of love in the future.
The Most Rev. Choi expressed that the humanity is groaning under the pain of the war and even more concerned about the aftermath such as the pain and grief of the victims. Saying there are many people who are suffering physically and mentally in our surroundings, especially our brothers and sisters in North Korea are not liberated yet from their difficult situation, he stressed that our nation's expectation on the Buddhists would be greater then ever at this hard time.

* The New Spiritual Movement Contradicts Catholic Morals

The Most Rev. Francis Xavier Ahn Myong-ok, President of the Committee for the Doctrine of the Faith of the CBCK, published Movements and Trends Harmful to Healthy Faith Life II on April 21.
This publication has been prepared focusing on the New Age Movement, the Spiritual World Movement and the 'Ki'(spirits) Meditation Movement according to the decision of the Bishops at the 2003 Spring General Assembly of the CBCK.
"First of all, it is to help the faithful to understand correctly the true nature of the Catholic faith and the mission of the Church, and to lead them to discern phenomena threatening healthy faith life," the Most Rev. Ahn explained the purpose of the publication.
The Committee for the Doctrine of the Faith warned of the New Spiritual World saying it is in great contradiction to the Catholic morals because it denies the concept of One God or personal God of the Christianity and claims that what is natural is 'good' by demonstrating religious indifferentism.
Also, the Committee pointed out that the New Spiritual Movement compromises the nature of the Church and the Christ-centered religion by claiming that any methods are acceptable if they are for physical and mental health and peace.
"In fact, since the New Spiritual Movement was introduced into Korea it has influenced on quite a few Catholics to the point that it has harmed their faith life. This book is precisely aimed at helping the faithful to have the power of discernment, and the Committee will continue to watch carefully phenomena harmful to healthy faith life and try to give guidelines and publish books helpful to healthy faith life." the Most Rev. Ahn said.
The Committee published Movements and Trends Harmful to Healthy Faith Life in 1997.
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