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Communication on May 16

2009.08.24 14:22


* Legion of Mary Celebrates Its 50 Year History in Korea

On May 8, the Legion of Mary of Korea held a congress at Gwangju World Cup Stadium to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the introduction of Legion of Mary to Korea and made renewed commitment for evangelization Mary.
In the congress held with the theme of "May They All Be One" (cf. Jn. 17,21) participated some 50,000 Catholics including the Most Rev. Andrew Choi Chang-mou, Archbishop of Kwangju and President of Mary as Mediator Senatus in Korea, the Most Rev. Giovanni Battista Morandini, Apostolic Nuncio in Korea, other Bishops, priests and members of the Legion of Mary from 15 dioceses in Korea. The Concilium Legionis Mariae (the International Council of Legion of Mary) sent Mr. Tomas McCabe as a special envoy.
Pope John Paul II said in the congratulatory message, "The brilliant example of Mary always illuminates you, the soldiers of the Legion of Mary," and encouraged them to "become witnesses to the strength of the Gospel and the Trinity with joyful and positive attitude."
The Most Rev. Choi delivered a congratulatory address, saying, "The Legion of Mary deserves to be called the pride and treasure of the Catholic Church in Korea, given that it has contributed to the formation of solid ecclesial community and played roles of leaven." He also emphasized, "As Mary, the head of the Legion of Mary, said 'Do whatever he tells you,' we should meditate the Gospel and make it the guide of daily life.

* Catholic Church in Korea Congratulates Buddha's Birthday

On the occasion of the Buddha's Birthday, the Most Rev. Giovanni Battista Morandini, Apostolic Nuncio in Korea, visited the Jogye-sa Temple(Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism) and conveyed the congratulatory message of the Most Rev. Michael L. Fitzgerald, President of Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. It was not a common case for Apostolic Nuncio to visit the Jogye Order in person and deliver the congratulatory message from the Vatican.
Ven. Beop Jang, Executive Director of Administration of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, greeted the Apostolic Nuncio and had a conversation with him for half an hour under amiable circumstances. During the conversation, the Buddhist Monk stressed that all the believers should show the importance of the spiritual value to this world where materialism dominates.
Similarly, the Most Rev. John Choi Young-soo, Auxiliary Bishop of Taegu, also visited Donghwa-sa Temple in Daegu and congratulated on the birth of Buddha.
On this occasion, the Most Rev. Choi expressed his appreciation for the visit of Ven. Ji Seong, Head Monk of Donghwa-sa, and other Monks to Gyesan Cathedral of Taegu on last Christmas. Reaching consensus on the need to promote interreligious dialogue in local community, the Bishop and the Buddhist Monk pledged to cooperate with each other.
The Most Rev. Augustine Cheong Myong-jo, Bishop of Pusan, also issued a congratulatory message on May 8 and said, "All the believers who love peace, especially the Buddhists and Christians, should work together for the cause of peace."

* Catholics and Government Agree to Carry Out a Joint Campaign to Promote Childbirth

The Headquarters of the Life 31 Movement of the CBCK(Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea) (Moderator: Most Rev. Peter Lee Ki-heon) and the Ministry of Health and Welfare agreed to carry out a joint campaign to promote childbirth.
On May 13, Rev. Timothy Jung Yeon-jeong, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Headquarters of the Life 31 Movement, and advisors including Rev. Casimir Song Yul-sup, Secretary General of the CCK and Rev. Paul Lee Chang-young, Secretary of the Episcopal Commission for Doctrine & Social Affairs of the CBCK, met the Minister of Health and Welfare at the National Medical Center in downtown Seoul and reached consensus on the urgent need to create an environment to build the culture of life and decided to carry out a joint campaign to promote childbirth.
As the first step of collaboration both sides agreed to publicize bad effects caused by the injudicious illegal operation, government policy to promote childbirth, natural family planning, sex education for the youth and 'Nursery Service before adoption(system which takes care of the babies to be adopted) that is in enforcement for single mothers.
The headquarters of the Life 31 Movement, by urging the government to be aware of the seriousness of the reality of abortion, asked the Minister to readjust the medical fee of natural delivery as means to ameliorate the situation of the illegal operation and to publicize the ovulation method which is the natural birth control. It also asked the Minister to amend article 15, no 3 of the enforcement ordinance of the Mother and Child Health Law and article 2 of the preventive measure of infectious disease that allow abortion in case of rubella, chicken fox and hepatitis.

*Maryknollers Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Arrival in Korea

Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers in Korea (Reg. Sup.: Rev. Gerard E. Hammond) celebrated the 80th anniversary of the arrival in Korea on May 9 and offered the Mass for the reconciliation of South and North Korea.
His Eminence Stephen Cardinal Kim Sou-hwan, the Most Rev. Giovanni Battista Morandini, Apostolic Nuncio in Korea, the Most Rev. Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk, Archbishop of Seoul, other bishops, religious and lay faithful attended the ceremony and recalled Maryknoll's missionary presence in Korea for 80 years. Rev. John C. Sivalon, Superior General of Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, also came to Korea for the celebration.
Noticeably, they decided to offer the Mass for the reconciliation of two Koreas to recall the outset of their missionary work in Korea considering that they first settled in Uiju, Pyeongan-do, North Korea. In addition, they offered "Rosary for the Unification" with same intention during the offering rite.
Rev. Gerard E. Hammond said in his address, "While I am overwhelmed with deep feeling to recall our work in this blessed land for 80 years, I cannot forget North Korea even at this moment," and promised "to continue to pray for the unification of Korea in accord with Korean faithful and the Catholic Church in Korea."
From 1923 to the present, 185 Maryknollers worked in Korea including 131 priests, 9 religious, 27 lay missionaries and 18 students.
Presently 24 Maryknol Fathers are working in parishes and various sectors of pastoral ministry, especially for workers, children, old people and apostleship of the sea etc. And five of them are working in China.

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