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Communication on May 30

2009.08.24 14:23


* Committee for Environment of the CBCK Expresses its Position on Saemangeum Mud Flat Issue

The Most Rev. John Choi Yong-soo, President of the Committee for Environment under the Committee of Justice & Peace of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea(CBCK), issued a message on environment in relation to Saemangeum mud flat in Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do, May 25, and released it at Pan-religion Prayer Meeting to Save Saemangeum Mud Flat and to Stop the Reclamation Project in Saemangeum held at Yeouido Plaza, Seoul, and stressed that "Following the way of living that respects life is the only way to obtain an everlasting life in God and to become His genuine disciple."
In his message titled "We pray that peace overflows in Saemangeum and in the world", the Most Rev. Choi said, "The nature keeps entire mystery and life force of God's creation and thus is a visible evidence to show that the creation is continuing still now."
He asked people to have humble attitude toward the nature, pointing out, "Peace of our society cannot be ensured without the spirituality that respects the creation of God."
The Most Rev. Choi urged the government to stop the reclamation project as early as possible, saying, "Our ardent appeal to save Saemangeum mud flat is more than a simple movement to protect the environment but it is a big echo of people to build a new value of life and peace."
Prior to issuing the message the Committee had a meeting on May 21 at CBCK's Conference Hall and had an intensive discussion concerning the issue of Saemangeum mud flat on which people's demand to preserve it as common property of humanity has been increasing. The participants agreed that Saemangeum mud flat issue can be a turning point to renew the environment spirituality and promote it, and resolved to make diversified efforts.

* Archbishop of Taegu Bans Activities in Relation to the 'Statue of Mary in Naju'

The Archdiocese of Taegu issued a notice undersigned by the Most Rev. Paul Ri Moun-hi, Archbishop of Taegu, to ask pastors and religious to exercise prudence so that the faithful are not misguided by the so-called "Statue of Mary in Naju."
In the notice, addressed to the diocesan priests and the superiors of religious institutes, the Most Rev. Ri expressed great concern saying "Despite repeated warnings of the Church, not a few Catholics in Taegu still visit Naju, organize prayer meetings, and distribute publicity materials."
"For the good of the Church and the genuine Christian life of the faithful, all forms of activities in relation to the 'Statue of Mary in Naju' are prohibited," it said.
The Most Rev. Ri also asked the pastors to instruct the faithful not to visit private places related to the 'Statue of Mary in Naju' and 'Yun Julia of Naju' and to pay attention to keep the faithful away from various publicity materials such as video tapes and booklets.
The notice was sent to priests and religious superiors in the Archdiocese along with the same contents of a notification and a letter, which are issued by the Most Rev. Victorinus Youn Kong-hi, Archbishop Emeritus of Kwangju, and the Most Rev. Andrew Choi Chang-mou, Archbishop of Kwangju, in 1998 and 2001 respectively.

* The Life & Environment Solidarity of the Diocese of Andong Established

On May 25 the Diocese of Andong established "The Life & Environment Solidarity" and launched projects in earnest to preserve the creation order and restore the dignity of life.
To develop a living movement to restore the world created by God and the values of natural environment, the founding members of the Solidarity pointed out in its inauguration statement, "Reckless exploitation and destruction of the nature, abortion and war deprive the earth of life and true humanity." and resolved to "restore the original image of the earth as created by God, by reviving the nature and environment and restoring the humanity."
For this purpose, the Solidarity set up five details for practicing such as to cope with the elements destructive to human life, to object to reckless exploitation of the nature, to save water, to reduce the use of cars and plant trees and to save the land.
During the inauguration Mass, the Most Rev. John Chrisostom Kwon Hyuk-ju, Bishop of Andong, said, "The exploitation and destruction of life and environment will eventually lead to lack of respect to life and destruction of human dignity, and thus threaten the place of God and human being," and called for positive participation in the preservation of the nature and protection of life.

* Seoul Awards Rev. Jesus Molero Sanchez Honorary Citizenship

Rev. Jesus Molero Sanchez, 75, a Spanish priest of the Society of St. Francis de Sales, was awarded honorary citizenship with seven other people by the Seoul Metropolitan Government on May 25 during 'Hi Seoul Festival' for his dedication to public service and education.
Rev. Sanchez taught Spanish at Jesuit-run Sogang University, Seoul Nati onal University and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and has been teaching Korean youths, mostly from poor families in Seoul and other areas, for the last 47 years. He runs a youth center in Singil-dong, Seoul and is making a program to provide free evening classes to those who cannot afford to attend classes in ordinary schools. Beside, he supports poor Korean ethic students at the International Technical School in Yanji, China.    
"I want to become a friend of Korean youth. I call them 'friends'. When I was in Gwangju in 1956, more than half of students were not able to bring even boiled barley for lunch. So I prepared enough food to share with them. Now, they call me 'Father'," he recalled hard times in the past.
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