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Communication on June 27

2009.08.25 10:21


* Mass for the Unity of Korean People Offered

On the occasion of the Day of Prayer for Reconciliation and Unity of Korean People the Committee for the Reconciliation of Korean People (President: Most Rev. Lucas Kim Woon-hoe) of the CBCK offered Mass for Unity of Korean People at Dorasan Railroad Station located in the DMZ on June 22, the northernmost South Korean station on the Gyeongui Line linking Seoul and the North Korean city of Sinuiju.

Some 6,000 Catholics from 14 dioceses attended Mass and prayed in one heart for the healing of pains and wounds of division resolved to work for reconciliation and peaceful unification of nation.

It was a good opportunity for the faithful to confirm the mission of times to convert hatred to love, discord to reconciliation, and division to unity.

During the Mass, concelebrated by His Eminence Stephen Cardinal Kim Sou-hwan, the Most Rev. Giovanni Battista Morandini, Apostolic Nuncio to Korea, and the Most Rev. Paul Ri Moun-hi, Archbishop of Taegu, the faithful also offered things standing for peace to wish true peace in this land.

Cardinal Kim, concerned over the decreasing interest of the faithful in giving aid to North Korea, called for prayer and actions, saying, "We will be able to lead life God wills when we pursue fraternity, freedom and equality."

* Women Religious of Four Religions in Prayer Pilgrimage for Saemangeum Mud Flats

Six women religious of four religions launched prayer pilgrimage to raise public interest in preserving Saemangeum mud flats. In the interreligious pilgrimage composed of Catholics, Buddhists, Won Buddhists and Protestants, three women religious participated representing the Catholic Church.

In a sense, it is a follow-up action of the "Three Steps and One Bow" pilgrimage which men clergy of four religions including Rev. Paul Mun Kyu-hyun conducted for 65 days recently.

On June 20, with prayer meeting at Myongdong Cathedral of Seoul, the women religious representatives started pilgrimage from Seoul to Saemangeum, some 320 km distant. They plan to arrive at the mud flats on July 1.
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