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Message for the 31st Human Rights Sunday and the "Social Doctrine Week" in 2012


The Most Rev. Matthias Ri Iong-hoon, President of the CBCK Committee for Justice & Peace and Bishop of Suwon, issued the Message for the 31st Human Rights Sunday and the second “Social Doctrine Week” on December 9, 2012.


In his message entitled “Both conservative and progressive ideologies should be based on the love for the human being and human community”, Bishop Ri said that Korean society has experienced confrontations and conflicts in every area, such as politics, economy, environment, particularly election campaign in these days as the 18th presidential election is just around the corner. He affirmed that, however, this division between conservatives and progressives is natural and thus when they complement each other and seek to live together, there will be political and social development. In this regard, he pointed out that the dispute between them must not be based on a confrontation of self-centeredness and egoism, but on reasonable thinking and hope.


Bishop Ri stressed that the faithful, conservatives or progressives, should overcome the ideological conflicts, increasing  awareness of the Social Teachings of the Church which encompass conservative and progressive ideas and reveal the unchanging truth in social issues and means for the evangelization. He asked also the faithful to elect a president who will respect first of all human dignity and the value of the common good, serving humbly the people.


* The Catholic Church in Korea decided to establish the "Social Doctrine Week" to invite the faithful to pay more attention to the social doctrine of the Church. It has been celebrated since 2011 during the second week of Advent starting with Human Rights Sunday.

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