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On the controversial construction of transmission towers in Miryang City


The CBCK Committee for Justice & Peace (President: Most Rev. Matthias Ri Iong-hoon) announced on May 24, 2013 its position on the physical confrontation around the construction sites of transmission towers in Miryang City.


Bishop Ri, President of the Committee, in his message on this matter, urged that the construction of transmission towers be stopped and that dialogue between the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and the residents of Miryang City be encouraged. 


KEPCO restarted the controversial construction of the transmission towers for extra-high voltage. As KEPCO mobilized equipment, manpower and policemen for the construction of 765 kV transmission towers in Miryang City, large and small conflicts have continued to erupt between KEPCO and the residents of Miryang City.


Bishop Ri said that “nothing can be considered as important as human life. Therefore, the construction hurting the residents can not be justified for any reason.” He also said that the Committee for Justice & Peace, if necessary, could step in to mediate for the suspension of the construction and for the resumption of dialogue between concerned parties and he stressed that “when they stop constructing first of all and resume a dialogue, they can resolve this matter peacefully by pooling their wisdom.”

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