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Caritas Korea International, Supporting Emergency Food Aid to North Korea


     Caritas Korea International (Chairperson: Most Rev. Francis Xavier Ahn Myeong-ok), the public association for social welfare established by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea, conveyed a hundred tons of flour to North Korea by land.

     Caritas Korea International purchased the amount of flour with the offerings collected during the 'Mass for Peace on the Korean Peninsula' at Imjingak on June 17, 2011, held by the CBCK Committee for the Reconciliation of Korean People (President: Most Rev. Lucas Kim Woon-hoe)

Rev. Simeon Lee Jong-keon, Executive Director of Caritas Korea International, who visited North Korea in the early June, 2011, explained the reason of emergency food aid to North Korea. When visiting the people's hospital located in Northern Hwanghe, he found out that the aid to child care facilities was desperate.

     In cooperation with Nanum International, one of the non-governmental organization to engage in aid to North Korea, the flour is going to be distributed to the people's hospitals and nurseries in Northern Hwanghe.

Caritas Korea International plans to visit North Korea on August, 2011 for follow-up measures on emergency food aid.

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