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The 6th Catholic Ecological Award

2011.10.06 17:16


* The 6th Catholic Ecological Award


The Subcommittee for Environment under the CBCK Committee for Justice & Peace (President : Most Rev. Matthias Ri Iong-hun) held a ceremony for the 6th Catholic Ecological Award at the auditorium of the CCK on October 4, 2011. 


The Grand Prix was awarded to 'The Struggle Committee against Nuclear Power Plants in Sam Cheok' (standing representative : Fr. Paul Park Hong-pyo of Wonju Diocese), which has developed a movement to revoke a plan to build another nuclear power plant in Sam Cheok-Si, Gangwon-Do since the 1990s.  

This Struggle Committee, with the sense of responsibility for the Preservation of Divine Creation and the future generations, has announced the dangers of nuclear powers and sought for ways to find "energies of Life beyond the energy of Death". It holds "candlelight cultural festival for the safe world without nuclear power" with the celebration of Mass on every Wednesday to give wider publicity to the wrongfulness of building a nuclear power plant. It develops a movement to change the consciousness of people for energy saving, as well.  


The Special Prize was given to 'Saint Paul's Kindergarten in Pohang' (in the Archdiocese of Daegu), Gyeongsangbuk-Do, which has put its educational goals on 'protection of global environment' focusing on environmental education for children since 2009. For this concrete program, Saint Paul's Kindergarten in Pohang has its own original movement so-called "I am Environment Keeper" for preservation of global environment, participated together with teachers, children and parents. By this movement, the education of the children becomes the education of their families, too.



'The Catholic Ecological Award' was established by the Subcommittee for Environment under the CBCK Committee for Justice & Peace in 2006, for the propose of spreading the fact that preserving beautifully the World created by God is the duty of the faithful. The Subcomittee for Environment awards individuals or organizations made effort to preserve the order of creation and give wide publicity to their activities. The Subcommitee invites the public to join in the prize contest on the Day of Environment(on July 5) and holds the awards ceremony on the occasion of the feast of Saint Fransis of Assisi(on October 4), Patron of Ecology.


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