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The Workshop for SCCs and Parish Pastoral Care Held by the Catholic Pastoral Institute


The Catholic Pastoral Institute (CPIK, Director: Most Rev. Peter Kang U-il) held ‘the workshop for the Small Christian Communities(SCCs) and Parish Pastoral Care’ at the Education Center of St. Paul Chong Ha-sang in the Diocese of Daejeon from October 6 to 8, 2014, with the theme, “Building Parishes Centered on the SCCs”. It aimed to encourage parishes to practice pastoral care focusing on the invigoration of the SCCs.


The participants were representatives from parishes of 7 dioceses, some diocesan pastoral directors, and priests taking care of the SCCs. Sharing the information on the structure and developing process of the SCCs at their parishes, they exchanged their experiences of pastoral care with the SCCs.


They proposed some suggestions to promote the SCCs in the Catholic Church in Korea, such as collecting and distributing material on the national level, practicing gradual and continuous formation promoting mutual exchange and solidarity on the diocesan and national level.


Rev. Bartholomew Jun Won, Assistant Director of the CPIK, said, “When a parish renews its structure in accordance with the Word, and it practices pastoral care emphasizing on revitalization of the SCCs, it can move forward with more concrete renewal. It is the strength of the Church that the laity, priests and religious are all involved in pastoral care.” He said that this workshop has great significance because it gave an opportunity for priests to pay more attention to the pastoral care for activities of the SCCs and recall their passion for pastoral care. He emphasized that the revitalization of the SCCs is more fundamental renewal for life of faith, the renewal of the Church that Pope Francis has stressed, and it will be a starting point of social integration according to the Gospel.

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