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The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea:

Against the Constitutional Court’s Decision

that the Anti-Abortion Law is Unconformable to Constitution


The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea expresses its deepest regret for the recent decision made by the Constitutional Court of Korea in regard to a petition to repeal the anti-abortion law. The Constitutional Court has ruled that the ban on the abortion -Criminal Acts Art. 269 §1 and Art. 270 §1- is unconformable to constitution.


The Constitutional Court’s decision denies the fundamental right to life of a fetus which has a human dignity from the very moment of conception but cannot defend itself. This decision also shows a strong bias against women as it imposes upon only women the responsibility for unwanted pregnancy while giving men exemption from it. The Catholic Church affirms her teaching that abortion is a sin because it is killing an innocent life in the mother's womb. Hence such an act never can be justified for any reason.


Even though the anti-abortion law is to be amended or repealed, the Catholic Church in Korea will, as always, exert herself to offer support and assistance to women and men who decided to give a birth to their babies and bring them up without yielding to the temptation of abortion in their distress. The Church in Korea also opens her door wide for women who suffer from physical, spiritual and emotional wounds of abortion and need reconciliation and healing from them.


On March 22, 2018, the Catholic Church in Korea submitted a petition to the Constitutional Court with one million Catholics’ signatures against the abolition of the anti-abortion law. Then she appealed to the Korean government to introduce institutions to actively support all pregnant women, emphasizing the men’s responsibility to protect children and pregnant women.


Equal responsibility for pregnancy should be placed on both women and men. All members of society should share responsibility for protecting every life from the moment of conception. The Catholic Church in Korea strongly urges the legislative and executive powers of the Republic of Korea to introduce laws and institutions that encourage women and men in difficult circumstances to choose life rather than death.


April 11, 2019


+ Hyginus Kim Hee-joong


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