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20th Catholic Mass Communications Awards Ceremony


The CBCK Committee for Social Communications (President: Most Rev. Thaddeus Cho Hwan-kil) held the 20th Catholic Mass Communications Awards Ceremony at Coste Hall of Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul with about 200 participants on November 30, 2010.


This year five people, including the Grand Prix winner, had an honour to be awarded in the sectors of Broadcasting, Newspaper, Press and Film respectively.


The Grand Prix was given to Ku Su-hwan, producer of the Korea Broadcasting System (KBS), for his documentary film, 'Don't Cry for Me, Sudan' on the dedicated life of the late Rev. John Lee Tae-suk, S.D.B., who had been called as 'the Schweitzer of Sudan'.


The Prix in the sector of Broadcasting was given to So Jong-bin, journalist of the Peace Broadcasting Corporation, for his radio documentary, 'Beautiful Coexistence of Life and Death', on the theme of death treated as a taboo and shunned in our society.


The Prix in the sector of Film was given to Kang Dae-kui, director of a film entitled 'Harmony', in which he painted the process of harmonizing between the women prisoners who came to understand one another and heal their wounds by singing in chorus.


The Prix in the sector of Newspaper was given to Han Youn-jo, journalist of Maeil Newspaper with his serial, 'Love of Neighbour', which is the longest serial and leading column of Maeil Newspaper. The Prix in the sector of Press was awarded to Kim Young-jun, CEO of Kyongsaewon who has devoted all his life to publishing the scholarly books.



In his congratulatory remarks, Archbishop Cho said, "We are here to show our appreciation to the workers in Mass Communication who have been contributing to the promotion of universal values according to the Catholic spirit, and to remember the history of Catholic Mass Communications Awards during the past twenty years and its contribution to evangelization through the mass media."




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