What's CBCK

 General Secretariate


The General Secretariate is directly subject to the Permanent Council which is in charge of the recommendation of a candidate for the Executive Secretary and the appointment of Undersecretaries of the General Secretariat in consultation with their proper ordinaries. (cf. Statutes of the CBCK, art. 37, 38).

Secretary General : Rev. Thomas Aquinas Kim Joon Chul
Director of Administration of the CCK : Rev. Peter Yoo Han-young
Undersecretary of the CBCK : Rev. John Song Yong-min
Director of Communications of the CCK : Rev. Stephanus An Pong-hwan


The Executive Secretary is in charge of the following affairs (cf. Statutes of the CBCK, art. 39):
1. to manage all affairs of the General Secretariat under the direction and supervision of the President of the CBCK;
2. to summon the Secretaries of National Committees and the superiors of national organizations to promote their mutual solidarity and cooperation.
3. to summon at least once a year all working-level officers of each diocese (chancellors and financial officers) to learn the methods used to execute the decisions of the CBCK;
4. to communicate with the general secretariats of bishops' conferences in other countries (cf. CIC, can. 458, 2o);
5. to prepare the meetings of the General Assembly and the Permanent Council and to attend those meetings.

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