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 National Committees 


When necessary, the Episcopal Commissions can establish national committees with bishops as their presidents and with priests, religious and lay faithful as their members. Each national committee studies and makes reports on all matters related to their concern, manages the affairs mandated by the General Assembly or the Episcopal Commissions and promotes a close relationship with organizations related to their apostolate(cf. Statutes of the CBCK, art. 34). 


* Rules of National Committees of the CBCK(Korean)
* Regulations for the Administration of the Joint Secretariate of the National Committees of the CBCK(Korean)
National Committees President Secretary
Committee for Family & Life
- Pro-life Activities
Most Rev. Linus LEE Seong-hyo Rev. Henrico LEE Geun-deok
Committee for Catechesis Most Rev. Basil Cho Kyu-man Rev. Thomas Shin Woo Sick
Committee on Education Most Rev. Pius Moon Chang-Woo Rev. Michael CHOI Jun Gui
Committee Canonical Affairs Most Rev. Thaddeus Cho Hwan-kil
Rev. Augustino LEE Jeong-joo
Committee for Promoting Christian Unity & Interreligious Dialogue Most Rev. Hyginus KIM Hee-joong Rev.  Michael SHIN Jeong Hun

Committee for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Foreign  Residents Living in Korea

Most Rev. John Baptist Jung Shin-chul Rev. Petrus Choi Bub-kwan
Committee for Culture & Art Most Rev. Gabriel CHANG Bong-hun Rev. Emilio JUNG Uoong-mo
Committee for the Reconciliation of the Korean People Most Rev. Peter LEE Ki-heon Rev. Peter Kang Ju Seok
Committee for Evangelization & Mission
- Subcommittee for Small Christian Communities

Most Rev. Joseph SON Sam-seok

Rev. Andrew PARK Kang-hee
- Ms. Anna YOU Hye-sook

Caritas Committee Most Rev. Timothy YU Gyoung Chon Rev. Augustino Kim Bong Sool
Committee for Social Communications Most Rev. Simon OK Hyun-jin Rev. Stephano An Pong-hwan
Committee for Bioethics

Most Rev. Matthias RI Iong-hoon

Rev. Blaise Yoo Zoo Sung

Committee for ecology & environment

Most Rev. Peter KANG U-il

Rev. John Lee Jai Don

Biblical Committee Most Rev. Augustinus KIM Jong-soo

Rev. Lucas Kim Gun Tai 
(Bible Translation) 
Rev. John Pak Ki-sok

(Biblical Apostolate)

Committee for Commemoration of Martyrs & Pastoral Care of Pilgrimage Most Rev. John KIM Sontae

Rev. Petrus Lee Hyeon-tae 

Committee for the Doctrine of the Faith 

Most Rev. John Chrysostom KWON Hyeok-ju

Rev. John Park Jun Yang

Committee for Liturgy

Most Rev. John Bosco CHANG Shin-ho

Rev. John KIM Gi-tae

Committee for Justice & Peace
- Sub Committee for the Abolition of Capital Punishment
- Sub Committee for Labor Pastoral Care

Most Rev. Constantine Bae Ki-Hyen

Rev. Andrew HWANG Gyeong-won
- Mr. John KIM Hyoung-tae
- Rev. Ignatio HUNG Su-yong

Committee for Catholic Terminology Most Rev. Hyginus KIM Hee-joong Sr. Silvia AHN So-kun
Committee for Youth Ministry Most Rev. Peter Chung Soon-Taick Rev. John Park Jong Soo
Committee for the Lay Apostolate
- Sub Committee for Women
Most Rev. Benedict Son Hee-song

Rev. Augustinus CHO Sung-poong
- Ms. Helena PARK Eun-mee

Committee for Foreign Mission Work and Pastoral Care of Overseas Koreans Most Rev. John Moon Hee-jong Rev. Benedict PARK Kyu-heum

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