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Communications on Jun. 7, 2002

2009.08.24 12:18


* Emeritus Bishop of Suwon Passed Away

The Most Rev. Angelo Kim Nam-su, emeritus Bishop of Suwon, passed away of chronic disease on June 1, at St. Mary Hospital of Daejeon at the age of 80.
The funeral Mass was solemnly offered on June 5 at Jeongjadong Cathedral of Suwon, with celebration of the Most Rev. Paul Choi Duk-ki, Bishop of Suwon, in the presence of other Bishops, priests, and the faithful. He was buried at Mirinae Clergy Cemetery, in Gyeonggi-do.
Hearing unexpected sad news, the faithful of Suwon felt deep grief but prayed for his peaceful rest, cherishing his memory. Each parish of Suwon diocese established funeral homes and put up mourning banners in appreciation of his contribution to the Diocese and the Church in Korea.
In the meantime, the Government of Korea posthumously conferred on him the Moran(means peony) Order of National Service Merit for his contribution to the development for the Church and society in Korea. The medal was delivered to the Most Rev. Paul Choi Duk-ki by the Minister of Culture & Tourism Namgung Jin who himself visited the mortuary.
Born in Manchuria in 1992 and ordained a priest in 1948, the late bishop became the second Bishop of Suwon in 1974 and successfully laid the foundation for development of the Diocese until he retired in 1997.
Assuming important and heavy responsibilities in the Church in Korea, he also made great contribution to the canonization of 103 Korean martyr saints, to cultivating the devotion to martyrs, and to promoting mission vocation of the Church.
In particular, he played vital role in distributing and applying the spirit of the Second Vatican Council by translating into Korean the documents of the Council and various liturgical texts.
Rev. Gabriel Kim Yeong-ok, vicar general of the Diocese of Suwon, said, “I feel deeply sad at the sudden death of the bishop who showed the faithful proper Christian life by leading poor life himself as a pastor," and continued, "all the faithful and priests will make efforts for the development of our Diocese inheriting the achievement of the late bishop."
Mr. Yang Cheol-hwa, President of the Lay Apostolate Council of the Diocese of Suwon, mourned for the last bishop, saying, "It made me very sad to hear his death. He was a father-like pastor who was always good to us, the laity. All the faithful of Suwon will make commitment to the development of the Diocese and the Church, cherishing the love and care he showed to us."

* Korean Children Launch Charity Campaign for Afghan Children

Sunday school children of the elementary school department of the Diocese of Pusan launched a charity campaign to help Afghan children in need from June 1-22.
On June 1, all Sunday school children of the Diocese started the charity campaign to help Afghan children in refugee camps for which each Korean student contributes some clothes and 3000 Korean won (about US$2.80) from their savings of pocket money to help Afghan children suffering from starvation, bitter cold and privation in refugee camps.
Campaign of “Let's be good friends of Afghan children" is part of the pastoral plan that the Youth Pastoral Ministry has set for this year with a theme of "Let's be good friends like Jesus."”
The youth pastoral office of the Diocese of Pusan launched the campaign so that the pastoral goal for education of the youth does not end to be a superficial slogan but to bear concrete fruits of love.
After this campaign that will end on June 22, the Youth Pastoral Office will continue to carry out the campaign to teach the children that helping fellow children in need in the world is a beautiful and valuable act.
"Sending small amount of savings and clothes to Afghan children is a simple gesture of love, but later on, this experience will become a great instruction for them that will teach them the value and importance of sharing and living together," said Rev. Thomas Aquinas Kang Ji-won, director of the Sunday School Office of Pusan diocese.
According to Jeong Kwi-sun, representative of the human rights group of migrant workers, Afghan children of refugee camps suffer terribly from hunger, cold and extreme poverty. They live and study in overcrowd tent.
Afghanistan is completely ruined by the invasion of Soviet Union in 1979 and continual internal wars since then, especially the recent U.S.-led retaliatory military action against terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.


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